Monday, 1 November 2010

Photoshoot in Dungeness

Thank you Amy Currell who came along for the day and assisted Luke and myself on the shoot. She also documented the day with these photos... great!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


The major part of the shoot for the 'on the road exhibition' has been done. Windy, sunny and awesome views across the plains at Dungeness. We were so lucky to have blazing sunshine helping us with the shots of the designers work for the exhibition to be held at Saatchi & Saatchi.
Thanks Matt Autton who came along and helped us out, he was brilliant and really helped the day along. Luke Kirwan our photographer did an amazing job and all the driving too! Amy his fantastic assitant also made the day possible and was so helpful with driving her own car aswell.
Next part to take place in Epping forest....

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exhibition update

Really pleased to have invited two more designers to the collective.
Dominic Williams and Jack Wilesmith will be included in the photo shoot - fantastic to have you on board.

Clothes Donkey

A beast of burden that’s happier when you don’t hang your clothes up at night. Secret storage makes room for everything from dirty laundry to tiny treasures.
A playful yet utilitarian take on the gymnastic pommel horse.
Designer: Dominic Williams

Sit Stool
Memories of being a child, makes me think of little things which we all have done, leaning back on our chair and getting shouted at in school is one of those things. 
My sit stools play on this idea and make the enjoyment of leaning back safe. Made from beech legs and a sycamore top, the construction is very simple and traditional.
Designer Jack Wilesmith  

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Products in the Exhibition

Past meets present over dinner
A slice of an old discarded table is combined with a newly engineered piece to highlight its form and celebrate its beauty. The slice exposes traditional forms and joints with strong graphic lines, balanced and supported by a minimal and elegant structure both working as independent elements.
Designer: Adi Chambers

The milk series
A response to an investigation into looking at what makes something valuable; with the view to create furniture which embodies longevity.

Milk series 1: Made using ash it has distinct markings which make each piece unique, age well and grow in character. Each piece has a laser cut pattern detail on the underside paying homage to its humble roots as well as adding a touch of humour. The subtle detailing on one leg of each stool and the method of construction make reference to traditional craft techniques but add a contemporary twist.
Milk series 2: Concept of value and longevity by adding 24k gold leaf to one leg each stool and flexi brass to the undersides. Manufactured from stained oak.
Designer: Ellen Thomas

Winner of New designers award 2010
Table from leatherwork furniture collection:

Using a process of boiling leather derived from medieval times, Tortie has produced an elegant and innovative table. Showcased as part of her final year collection of furniture.

Designer:Tortie Hoare

Single component bowl:

Demonstrates the development between line, plane and form through three simple processes of hand folding, silver soldering and spray finishing.

Designer:Peter Lackovic


Designer: Matt Autton

Light:Designer:Jordan Kay

The “Bi-King” challenges me towards a new dimension of design; adopting more poetic and artistic approaches to an everyday-use product. In regard to visual expression methods, the new concept of shape communication opened an interesting insight on human perception and recognition ability which can, I found, provide an easier, more enjoyable and artistic way of transformation of everyday product into an art. It also offered me a very strong visual design language. 

Designer: Sungkug Kim